The Best Job in the World!

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How fortunate I am to have found myself providing classic automobiles to clients!  Not only do I get to share my life-long fascination with the classic automobiles of yesteryear, but I get to be a part of a happy, uplifting occasion.

Due to the nature of our vehicles, I have found that a significant percentage of my engagements involve participation in wedding ceremonies!  What a great experience to be present at the very first day of a couple’s new life together.  This is so much more than just providing transportation from point A to point B.  It is the opportunity to add that final extra finishing touch to the most important day of a couple’s life.

Being allowed to participate in such a joyous occasion brings back the wonderful memories and vicarious thrills of my own wedding day with my sweetheart many years ago.  I can picture each new couple maturing together and sharing wonderful life experiences, as my own wife and I have.

Of course, wedding celebrations are just one of many activities that I am privileged to participate in.  There have been Quinceanera celebrations, photo shoots, video shoots, prom nights and numerous static displays, all of which are a pleasure to participate in.

In the following posts, I have endeavored to share the experiences I have enjoyed in this wonderful pursuit.


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Engagement Photo Session

We love photography, and we love our brides and grooms!  So what better fun for us than to provide one of our classic vehicles for a professional photo shoot of our clients.

In this case, our 1940 Cadillac was the perfect compliment to the exterior of the timeless Nau’s Enfield Drug Store, in central Austin (they still have a soda fountain inside!):

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