Creek Road

There are few roads more inspiring and scenic than “Creek Road”, a beautiful paved 8 mile stretch beginning right smack from downtown Dripping Springs, and terminating at FM 165, or what we locals call the “Blanco Cutoff”.

Creek Road follows meandering Onion Creek, a year-round tributary which has a number of small dams along this stretch, creating beautiful expanses of pastoral water scenes.

This relatively unknown-to-outsiders and sparsely traveled road is a favorite place of mine to unwind and reflect.

Thus it was a few months ago when I decided to take “Nigel” out for a little early morning run and chose Creek Road as my destination (or journey).

It was fortuitous that I had thrown the old Nikon in the back seat, because when I reached my favorite bridge, I found the early-morning pond to be shrouded in fog.  Where else could you park your car on a one-lane bridge and spend 15-20 minutes snapping away without fear of intervening traffic?