Note: almost all of our engagements do involve a very short drive distance (and time duration) with our clients.  Our minimum fee covers vehicle maintenance, insurance and operating costs (10 mpg!), as well as the drive time to and from the venue, and our standard policy of arriving at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Standard Engagement - Classic American Limo

(our most popular) One single trip from departure location to final destination, within Austin Metro Area.  For multiple stops enroute, please contact us.  Our classic limos can accommodate up to 7 passengers (Buick .. Cadillac Capacity: 5 passengers)

buick (1 of 3)

1940 Buick 7 passenger Limo

1940 Cadillac

1940 Cadillac

minimum fee:


European Elegance


For clients looking for the ultimate in elegance and luxury, our very continental Jaguar Mark IX Saloon is the choice.  Right hand steering and pull down walnut service trays provide the tip off that this beautiful car represents British elegance at its finest.

1959 Jaguar MK IX Saloon

1959 Jaguar MK IX Saloon

Minimum Fee

Additional trip same day

i.e., Example: Trip 1: Wedding site to Reception $469 (minimum)
Trip 2: End of Reception to Hotel (1/2) $234.50
Total engagement fee: $703.50

50% of initial trip price

Additional hours

Driver standby time  beyond the basic engagement


Additional mileage charge

for destinations outside the Austin Metro Area (roundtrip distance to departure and/or destination location).  Higher per mile charges may be accessed for venues of significant distances from Austin.

$1.50 per mile


Any of our vehicles are available for commercial or personal photo shoots, video production, or to be in place as a static display at your special event.

Our minimum fee is $469 which covers up to 2 hours of "on-site" time.  Additional time is $110/hr.

Just call or email us with your special requirements and we can provide a firm quote.

minimum fee: