Our goal is to provide an experience for our clients that exceeds expectations. To that end, we feel it appropriate to discuss our general policies, so that there is a clear understanding of our role in your special occasion:

For cancellations communicated in writing (email acceptable) at least 30 days prior to the engagement date, we are happy to offer a full refund of fees paid. Almost every weekend throughout the year our schedule is filled with client engagements, and these are generally booked and paid for well in advance. Therefore for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date, we must reluctantly retain any fees or deposits paid as compensation for lost opportunity.

We must understandably reserve the right to make last-minute cancellations (with full refund) in case of extraordinary conditions which might make the mission unsafe to our vehicles or our passengers. This would include actual or forecast untenable weather conditions, such as hail, icing or snow, torrential rain, or fog.

We fully appreciate the special nature of every engagement we commit to. Accordingly, we will make every possible effort to insure that your limousine is ready and available at the appointed time. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to insure reliability. However, classic vehicles aged as much as 70 years are inherently more susceptible to unexpected mechanical deficiencies than more modern vehicles.

In the event of a mechanical malfunction, we will make every effort to provide an alternate and similarly suitable vehicle (including arranging with other sources when available). If for any reason we are unable to provide service, our liability is limited to a full refund of any deposits paid.

Occasionally we are asked for permission to attach signs, streamers, or other items to the exterior of our vehicles. We CAN (upon request) offer a large magnetic "Just Married" sign to be placed on the trunk of the car. Other than that, for safety and legal reasons, as well as respect for the vehicles, we must respectfully decline any further attachments.

Additionally, we request that our clients refrain from sitting on any of the fenders, hood, or trunk of the vehicles, as the finish is highly polished and can show scratches easily.

Our minimum fee covers a single trip from pickup location to final destination. Intermediate stops of any significant duration (such as stop at a bar for drinks, etc), will most likely incur additional driver wait time charges.

The City of Austin strictly prohibits consumption of any alcoholic beverages in our vehicles. Additionally, unlike more modern cars, our classic vehicle interiors are constructed of wool fabrics and fine leather, and have been fully restored at great expense. These materials are highly susceptible to permanent staining from foods or liquids, so we must ask our clients to refrain from consuming either food or drink (other than water) while riding as passengers. Of course, we are always happy to transport unopened food or alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment once we reach the destination.

We love dogs, in fact have two of our own, but we would never allow them to ride in our pristine cars in respect for our passengers. Please don't ask us to transport pets or any other animals!

Our drivers as a courtesy frequently provide photographic images of our clients with our vehicles (when appropriate), and do cheerfully provide password-protected access to your own online gallery images (when available), for you and your guests online viewing. Higher resolution images and/or prints are available at additional cost.

From time to time we may choose to post selected choice images on our website, and reserve the right to do so unless specifically requested not to.

Customer agrees to reimburse Austin Classic Limo for any damages caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle by guests or passengers.

We don't feel it is appropriate to assess any sort of mandatory gratuity surcharge as part of our basic fee structure. We prefer to allow our clients to make their own choice regarding the amount of gratuity (if any) for their driver.

If, however, you ARE pleased with our service and would like to reward the driver, we find gratuities between 10 and 15% of the total fee to be customary.