Wedding Anniversary Celebration

In 2012 Wade and Brittany retained Austin Classic Limo to provide “General MacArthur” for their wedding reception getaway.

Now 5 years later, this still happily married couple decided to return “to the scene of the crime” and do a photo shoot with that same car (back in 2012, we weren’t regularly capturing images of our clients, so there were no photos of the initial celebration.


A Day in Austin

Most of our work is at night, but on occasion I get to enjoy my clients during daylight hours.  I like this, because it gives more opportunities for photography, and what better place to take photos than the beautiful spots around downtown Austin?


Such was the case on a recent balmy Fall day, when 3 siblings celebrated one of the sister’s birthday (with girlfriend completing the group).  It was such a pleasure to hang out with such a cheerful and fun loving group, and to show them my favorite places in Austin!

Hook em Horns!

On occasion I find myself near the UT campus on football night.  On this particular evening, the ‘Horns were off giving the boys from Ole Miss a royal drubbing, leaving a relatively quiet campus behind.

Since my bride and groom’s reception was near the campus, I thought this would be a great opportunity to swing by the famous fountain (currently non-operational.. budget crunch I guess) and get a few shots of the newlyweds with the Texas Tower looming in the background.

Thankfully, the passersby were limited, and we were able to get some good shots for the memory book:




The Night Time is the Right Time

Sure, daytime weddings are great, but let’s face it, you can’t have a really get-down, no-holds-barred wedding reception unless it goes into the wee hours of the morning!

I’m basically a night person, so to wake up “Nigel” or “General MacArthur” for a midnight run is right down my alley.  There’s something mystical, yet peaceful about being out at night when many people are already in bed and asleep.  It’s almost as though the whole world belongs just to me and my passengers!

My wedding clients are always in a state of natural euphoria, yet generally exhausted from the excitement of a long day.  It is a great pleasure to be a part of the genesis of a new, life-long relationship.

The city offers an incredible array of lights and photography opportunities.  And I’m not one to be bashful with my camera.. always looking to capture that one last image at the end of a successful and exhilarating celebration.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Distance..

I am not averse to traveling longer distances to serve my clients.  Engagements the past year have included trips as far away as Waco and San Antonio.  In both cases, the bridal couples had the opportunity to travel the entire distance with me to or from Austin.

There are always new adventures!

Prom Night

There is nothing I like more than providing transportation to a teenage couple for prom night.  Usually this type of engagement consists of picking up the lucky couple at one of their homes, proceeding to a nice restaurant for a pre-prom dinner, delivery in grand entrance style to the prom location, and then finally returning at the end of the evening to get the party-goers back home safely.

Of course, I never go anywhere without my trusty camera, and there are always worthwhile photos to be had:

Engagement Photo Sessions

Frequently Austin Classic Limo is called upon to provide a “stage” vehicle for engagement/pre-wedding photography sessions.  Many times these sessions are provided in conjunction with scheduled limousine service for the wedding itself. In some cases, a professional photographer is present.

In other situations, I personally provide the photography component. The photos below were all taken by myself, even though a professional photographer was on hand at one of the sessions.  It is great to be able to participate in working with such photogenic subjects!


Recently my wife Dorothee and I were called on to provide two classic transportation vehicles for Alandra’s quinceanera.  For the uninitiated, the quinceanera is spanish for, literally “15th year”.  For a young Mexican-American woman, turning 15 is considered the time to celebrate the transition from child to womanhood.  Typically, this celebration is an all day long affair, beginning at the guest-of-honor’s home, and proceeding to a church for the quiet religious component of the event.

After the church ceremony, the celebrant and her closest friends are treated to a long cruise around town, finally to arrive at the designated venue for the evening celebration, with obligatory live band, and generally progessing into the wee hours of the morning.

A quinceanera is a serious, serious celebration in the Mexican culture, and we were thrilled to be able to participate in this event!

Afternoon Wedding

I love afternoon weddings (well, I love evening weddings too, but it’s great to be able to take advantage of the natural lighting available during daylight hours).  It is particularly exciting when I am engaged to remain at the venue during the wedding, because it gives me an opportunity to bring out my camera gear and capture a few images that may show a different perspective from the “hired” photographer.

Such was the case when I was contacted by S. and F. to participate in their wedding at the beautiful Longhorn River Ranch just west of Dripping Springs.  The weather was perfect, and the wedding itself was conducted outside, underneath a huge spreading oak tree.  These are the days I live for!

“Henry” Makes it to Italy!

One of my favorite engagements is providing vehicles for photo shoots, especially since I consider myself somewhat of a decent photographer.  So I was thrilled to receive a call from nationally-recognized photographer Dan Winters, who wanted to hire “Henry”, our 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe, for a photoshoot for the Italian edition of Wired Magazine.

The shoot was to be in front of Dan’s own workshop, a delightful building that once housed a service station and store, and located in the Hill Country community of Driftwood.  It was fascinating to watch a real pro at work, with 6 or 7 assistants, and a couple of models who set off the period-style tone of the shot.

Dan was kind enough to allow me to snap some of my own images while he worked (sure, let him do all the work and I go for the gravy!).

The end result was stunning and the Wired magazine staff was understandably impressed with the final product: